Having a strong immune system enables your body’s natural defences to effectively fight viruses and bacteria, which is crucial in preventing illnesses such as the common cold and flu. Living a healthy lifestyle helps to strengthen these natural defences – and herbal tea can help too!

From providing vital vitamins and minerals to immune-boosting herbs and plants, our range of 100% natural teas can help contribute to the strong and healthy functioning of the immune system.

Our vitamin-rich Immunity Boost infusion, packed with rosehip fruits, echinacea and blackberry leaves, helps to naturally support the body’s defence mechanisms against infection.

We also have the finest Rosehip Fruits, Echinacea plant and Nettle leaves available as pure plant tea, all of which have been hailed for centuries for their immunity-boosting properties. Echinacea has a fascinating history of use in ancient medicine, dating back to Native America, and we use only the finest echinacea plants to ensure our teas deliver the same force that these ancient cultures celebrated.